Here's What You Need To Know About Our Services

Our services start with an initial in-home or virtual assessment. This is $140 and includes thoroughly evaluating your pain/injury.

We start with the history of pain/injury ( e.g. description of pain, duration, location, what makes your pain worse and what makes your pain better), medical history, family history, and sleep. Then we do objective evaluation where we look to see how you are moving in your pain area as well as your whole body, check your mobility, strength, flexibility, balance and how you do functional activities.

From there, we can discuss options for future treatment based on what is causing your pain. We can devise a treatment plan for you to execute on your own, or have weekly check-ins.

Subsequent appointments are $120. 

Typically, clients need anywhere from 5-10 weekly/bi-weekly follow-up visits (or virtual visits).


If you like to book an appointment, please either call or text 705-918-4088 or by emailing


Cancellation Policy

Cancellations less than 24 hours by email or phone will be charged full treatment amount.

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