Acupuncture and Dry Needling

Traditional acupuncture points are used along meridians (pathways in our body) which carries energy known as “Qi”. Sometimes these pathways can get blocked. We help to open them up to allow the energy to flow better. Needles are left in for about 15 minutes in different spots. We do this based on your body injuries.

Dry needling is inserting needles into tight muscles that are causing pain or restriction in your movement. The needle is moved around to get a twitch to release the muscle. This twitch is a maximum contraction of the muscle and after a muscle maximally contracts it should relax.

Soreness is to be expected after the treatment for about one day. However, most people feel so much better after the treatment and are able to move around with more mobility, less pain and can have more strength.  After the release, you are given exercises to help maintain that mobility and strength.